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General / 30 September 2018

Hi Everyone !

Hope you're having a good Time

Just to tell you that I made a Stream page!

Right now I'm making a fan- art weapon from League of legend ( Sejuani )

Thank you everyone !

New Studio

General / 03 July 2018

After a few months off here

I'm happy to announce that I had my first day at EIDOS Montreal as a 3D Environment Artist !

I wanted to mark this day on my Arstation Profil 


Afterglow - Unity Lighting Blog Part.01

General / 31 January 2018

I started this project to help me improving my knowledge of colors, colors grading, camera position and of course lighting in Unity.


I started by spending a lot of time on Pinterest, you can find a lot of good photography, this is how I fell on the work of Tadao Ando and many other great architects and superb movies shot.

My deadline was 3 days per scene. I like to work with a deadline, it keeps you organized cause you have to planify and think of each step to don't lose any time.

I didn't want to stay too long on 3DS max and that kind of composition is perfect to focus on the lighting.

I always isolate the meshes out of the camera range or far away for this exercise, to lower the lighting parameters on them in order to increase the other. 

I watched a lot of videos, and articles about colors and composition in movies, this one is one of my favorites.

You have the name of the movies, good shots, everything you need. I admit that I wanted to do all the shot in this video haha :D.


Color Picker

After finding the good references, I used the website Adobe Color and Palette FX to pick some colors directly in the references. 


I tried to limit the use of SpotLight/point light I find it easier to have a smooth natural Light with a Mesh and an emissions material on it or the Skylight.

Lighting with an Emissive Object

  • Pos: Natural Lighting.
  • Cons: Take more time to bake for a good quality.

Lighting with a SpotLight/PointLight

  • Pos: Easy to have a preview; take less time to bake for a good quality; Mixed mode to keep the specular Impact.
  • Cons: the angle of the spotlight, Harder to make it look natural.

I used Enlighten, for baking most of the scene except the "Tron" where I used the new Progressive Lightmapper in BETA.

I find the progressive Lightmapper really realist without waiting for more than 3hours with the Enlighten, especially if you're using an Emissive object like me.

The new Post Processing stack V2 (Beta)  is really outstanding, I'm really impatient to touch the final tool. It is really easy to use it, you need to try!

I habitually choosing the ACES mode for the Tonemapping which uses a close approximation of the reference ACES tonemapper for a more filmic look.

The trackballs is THE thing, and I love the Lift which has the most effect on the shadows, it allows you to give colors to them.

Just for quoting people! I didn't want to have any material first but I learned a few things in substance designer with Pierre Fleau and it was a good opportunity so why not. Thanks to Rogelio Olguin for his 3D presentation model.

I will do more in-engine talk and screenshots in the second part.


Fallen Sanctuary - Unity Neon Challenge - WIP 02

General / 31 December 2017


I didn't post a WIP for a moment cause of Christmas Holidays! 

With the help of Amplify Creations and their Amplify Shader, I have now a Shader that allows me to use 3 Texture set with the vertex painting, something that I love is that the 3rd one that I called the "Dirt texture set" is using a Triplanar projection feature, it's perfect for the Snow!

I practically finished all the textures that I needed to do the architecture and I made Bricks that I can place all over the environment as a support for the textures

I need To finish a Second view and other buildings that I'm going to put in the background.

I will Break the silhouette  of the buildings more in my Polish session, 1 week before the end of the contest

The contest is finishing in 2 weeks, Already cut a lot of things cause I will not have the time otherwise.

If you have tips or anything tell me!

Fallen Sanctuary - Unity Neon Challenge - WIP 01

General / 20 December 2017

Hi everybody.

After the ArtStation's Beyond Human Challenge I sort of promised myself  to give me a break especially cause of Christmas but I can't miss the opportunity to do the first challenge created by Unity itself called the "Neon Challenge", so here I am just for fun and to share this amazing experience with you people!

Hope you will Enjoy


12 December to 16 JANUARY.....

Concepts References 

Unity said that we can use the gorgeous art of Georgi Simeonov, the work he did on Adam is outstanding. I love the dreary mood and I will try to keep that for my scene.

Those big simple concrete shapes are really interesting, and those symbols on it give a really mysterious touch to the scene.

The overall lighting ambiance is great but I really wanted to create a Night scene so I will take this occasion to try that.

It's the perfect period for taking Real-life references outside with the winter mood of Quebec, I love how emissive are reacting in the night with the snow!

Texture and Lighting 

I did a first test with a Texture Trim created in Substance designer with the help of the SVG node.

For the post-process and Lighting, it's not final but you can already see what direction I'm going to take that I called "Dreary Night", and yes I like giving a name to my post process.. ;D

Using Tiled and Trim texture is a good exercise for an Environment artist (I think), with the deadline that I got I prefer going with this pipeline for the scene, I will use baked asset if I don't get the time and choice

Block Out 

First Texture test

Thank you for reading 

Updates soon !