My Afro Art Stories = Introduction/Family

General / 01 October 2019

Hi people!

I wanted today to talk to you about a really important subject for me.

Since my first participation in the Beyond Human Artstation Challenge in 2017, I never had the idea to make an Environment based on my culture. 

At first  I just wanted to make regular moderns houses, sci-fi,  and realistic grungy scenes, I found them beautiful, it's really inspiring to look the details that some artists can put on their scenes, I tried to do it but, I was forcing myself, the motivation wasn't there when 3DS max and other software were opened.

I was searching for something who inspired me, something that I could be very proud to create and show to my family that's why in every one of my scenes, by doing this I feel like they are blessing my scenes.

My parents are born the Republic of Congo, My dad, a Lari (Ethnicity) descendant, and my Mom both Mbochi and Kuyu. So yeah haha, in addition to my dad stories I have a lot of research to do since I'm Lari/Mbochi and Kuyu descendant.

Most of my creations are tributes, that is why I'm heavily studying everything that touches the African Art, for example, masks, symbols, places, different tradition, and languages to avoid mistakes. My goal is to create my own style and to properly create art with deep meaning. And I want to have a lot of fun too!

I'm deeply in love with Africa, everything from this continent are touching my soul and makes me smile.

I did a lot of different things in 3D and my heart is not doing the same sound when I'm working on that kind of scenes, that is why I'm going to practice and learn more on this subject.

Wakongo River

first African scene that I made in 2017, took me 2 months to find the idea for the Artstation challenge ( 80lvl Interview

My main Inspirations was, my Cousin's house and the River in Congo, and the dream about a peaceful and wealthy city

Woman Statue: Represent my mother, the central element in this scene ( same in my heart )

Golden Adinkras Mask: Each Adinkra Symbols on their forehead represents the values that my dad taught me

Third wooden Mask: Represent my GrandMa who passed away, I wanted to give her hommage in this scene

I printed the scene for mother's Birthday that year 


First fully playable environment based on an actual place in Senegal, I discover the meaning of Teranga by growing up with a lot of Senegalese neighbors back in France. They quickly became like my family after many years so I dedicated this scene to them.

Names of my Senegalese friends and Family in the scene

You're going to call me crazy but I made ALL those patterns by hand in Substance designer haha

I will continue those littles stories meanwhile you can check my other works in this album!

Thank you ! Merci !

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