Started a new environment ! Wakongo Hotel

General / 25 May 2020

Hey everyone !

 it's been a while that I didn't make an environment and I'm very excited to get back into it. 

 Before starting this one I wanted to be more comfortable with Zbrush, I love statues and masks, not being able to make them properly always troubled me.

Ndebele  , Mwana Pwo and Enhle

After my Wakongo River, I had this idea of an interior scene keeping the same style that I'm calling now Afro-Deco which is the fusion of Traditional art and Modern architecture.

Very smalls Sci-Fi elements will be added, I want to keep certain credibility as it could really exist in the near future.

A lot of iterations have been made, 

The blockout is almost done and the mood/Lighting is there. The next big step will be about asset production

Current WIP screenshot in Unity HDRP 2019.3 with RTX GI / reflections

Thank you for reading !