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Kizazi Moto - Ep.3 "Moremi" Temple interior

Ten stories from Africa to ignite the world.
KizaziMoto: Generation Fire, an Original anthology of short films, streams July 5 on DisneyPlus.

Proud to have been responsible of all the 3D Modeling,Sculpting,UV,Composition of the Temple Interior

Background artist :
- Harrison Yinfaowei
- Michel Donze

Animation Studio : Lucan Studio

Directed by Shofela Coker – Nigeria
Lonely spirit boy Luo is trapped in the realm of the gods and haunted by terrifying giants, until he is suddenly rescued by Moremi, a daring scientist from future Nigeria. With the giants in hot pursuit, they escape across the country and head for the sanctuary of Moremi’s lab. As Moremi helps Luo connect with his lost memories she reveals the truth of the terrible sacrifice that was once made to save their people.