GDC 18 - Substance in Unity Artwork

I had the pleasure to have my Unity scene "Bird House" featured in the Substance day at the GDC 2018 !
It's quick but you can see it in the video at 18min30.

You can also see it on this page :

And in the Asset Store page of Unity :

I wanted to thanks the 2D Artist Jordan Grimmer who created this awesome environment :

Thanks to the Unity team and of course Allegorithmic

Jeryce dianingana unknown 1
Jeryce dianingana substance in unity
Jeryce dianingana assetstoreunity
Jeryce dianingana jeryce dianingana grab 1906x987 friday nov 18 2016 08 56 33

Substance Day at GDC 2018 Keynote