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AfroFantasy : Kany [UE 5]

Rendered in Unreal Engine 5
Kany is a celestial being in charge of the well-being of the Galaxy.
The face of Kany was inspired by Chokwe Masks ( Congo / Angola ) who represents female ancestors

Kany = Faith & Hope in Lari/Kikongo language (Congo)

Big Thanks to my friend Tim Kaminsky for his feedback and help with the design of the scene!
Thanks to Daniel Oluwale for contributing to the design of Kany's face.

Special thanks to :
Tangi Bodio, and Jimmy Malachier for additional feedback !
Yinuo Chen,Jonjo Hemmens,Alice hugues,Ovie Mukoro,Ashley Wade and Jasmin Habezai Fekri for the Hype/encouragements !

2D concept art