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Na se ya Moi [LoFi]

Na se ya Moi = Under the Sun in Lingala ( Congo )

Always been curious about how a LoFi/Vaporwave scene could look like in an African Setting.
I've been inspired/motivated by the work of my friend Elora Pautrat who mastered that Style (website here : )

Everything is rendered in Blender Evee, I used the Geometry Node to duplicate meshes and Invert them automatically with the correct material to have these Outlines.
I as well have a function that automatically takes all the edges ( like a wireframe mode ), with these I can apply any Material and change the radius of these lines to have the result I want.

Music : Wizkid ft Tems - Essence slowed by
Urban Fragments

Music : Tems - Essence (Slowed)